Welcome To My Blog

Love them or hate them, the Miami Heat are currently the most spoken-about team in the National Basketball Association (otherwise known, of course, as the NBA). I have always appreciated their talents, with Dwyane Wade once being one of my favorite players, but I have to admit my unwavering dedication to the Heat did not start until LeBron James joined the squad during the summer of 2010; King James is my favorite professional athlete and I will happily follow him wherever he goes.

Welcome to my blog, a site where the Miami Heat will always be the topic of discussion…from looking at specific games, to analyzing the team as a whole, to calling out players and beyond, I will touch upon everything, balancing the most serious of topics with laughable rumors. As if my first paragraph was not enough of a disclaimer, I will try and keep things in a positive light, but that by no means should be read as that I will tweak the truth or leave things unreported.

In terms of who I am, here are the basics: 24, currently in my last quarter as a graduate student at DePaul University in Chicago, I am in the New Media Studies program. Born and raised in the Chi, I grew up loving Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, even getting to meet Toni Kukoc himself one night when the Bulls were playing the Toronto Raptors. I lost interest in sports for a while, until the latter part of high school when I realized how much I enjoyed watching our (admittedly horrible) basketball team and really got back into it when the Bulls drafted Derrick Rose in 2008. During my time as an undergraduate, I started writing about Chicago’s revamped team for the Chicago Flame, as well as started my own generalized NBA blog: http://nbabya.blogspot.com. During my last year as a college student, I interned at Comcast Sportsnet Chicago, interviewing the Bulls at the Berto Center every weekend as well at any off-court events taking place, a time in my life I will absolutely never forget. Upon graduating from the University of Illinois-Chicago, I worked for their basketball team (the Chicago Flames) for almost two years, first in sports information and then moving to marketing and development. Shortly after I entered graduate school at DePaul and have been working towards a career in social media/sports media, ever since.


I look forward to this journey and especially cannot wait to see what the Miami Heat will do during the postseason. My guess? They will win another championship, but as they say, only time will tell. So regardless of what end of the love/hate Heat spectrum you are on, jump in and join the conversation; because when it is all said and done, I know they have you talking.