Dwyane Wade: Leaving Miami?

(Photo Credit: www.isportsweb.com)

In probably the most shocking twist of events for the Miami Heat thus far (and they have had one heck of a season), guard Dwyane Wade may not end up being a Heat lifer after all.

According to various reports, Wade and the Miami organization have reached an impasse regarding his future contract.

Last year, instead of taking his guaranteed $41.6 million, he opted out of his final two years and agreed to a new two-year, $31 million deal. This included a player option for next season, for $16.1 million.

Wade also alluded to testing out the negation-waters in 2016, when the team salary cap is expected to rise from $67 million to $89; therefore, many people believed the superstar would opt-in this summer.

However, now it appears as though he will be opting out.

Rumor has it that the 33-year-old is looking for a max, 3-year contract. And although he would like it to be with the Heat (he has called South Beach home for the last 12 years), he is open to looking elsewhere if an agreement cannot be reached.

There is no question that Wade has given his all to Miami. From helping win the championship in 2006, to bringing over LeBron James and Chris Bosh, the veteran should have no problem getting whatever he wants. But unfortunately, things are not so simple.

The Heat are currently looking to re-sign Goran Dragic (who too, has expressed desire to stick around). Couple that with the likelihood that Hassan Whiteside will expect an impressive payday, Bosh’s approximate $23.6 million a year and McRoberts’ owed $5.8 million and well…Miami no longer has any room to revamp the team.

On top of financial issues, there is also Wade’s health to keep in mind. Although he showed glimpses of “Flash” last season ,and has been keeping in shape this summer, there are still concerns. Besides just his age (I mean, Ray Allen anyone?), Wade has reoccurring injuries. And while they may not be career, or even season-ending, they bring about inconsistency. The Heat may not want to put everything on the line for a guy that physically cannot bring his A-game, every night.

If you ask me, the solution to all this would be giving him a fortune for one year, and reevaluating the situation after that. This way, Wade is the highest paid player on the roster (as deserved), but has not taken away Miami’s financial wiggle room.

Wade has until late June to figure out if he will opt out of his player option for this upcoming season. After all Heat Nation has been through this year, we can only pray that this matter is resolved in such a way that brings Wade back.

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