Heated Topics: Free Agency Begins

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As the clock struck midnight on July 1, another summer of NBA free agency came upon us. And while there is still plenty of time for players to sign and re-sign contracts, some deals have already gone through.

In fact, big news hit Miami Heat fans before the free-for-all even began. While forward Luol Deng decided to opt in, Dwyane Wade finally broke the news that Heat Nation was waiting to hear for months: he would opt out of his current contract with Miami and become a free agent.

That last bit of information may have stung, especially after getting to rejoice drafting Justise Winslow and applauding Deng for sticking around, but since then there has been redemption.

It was just announced this morning that Goran Dragic will indeed re-sign with the Heat, on a 5-year, $90 million contract. And as if that was not good news enough, by not taking as much money as expected, Miami has room to better entice Wade into staying.

In terms of other free agency news, here are some of the bigger stories that have recently broke out…

*Damian Lillard nears $120 million extension with the Portland Trailblazers

*Al-Farouq Aminu agrees to 4-year, $30 million deal with the Trailblazers

*Kawhi Leonard stays with the San Antonio Spurs on a 5-year, $90 million deal

*Mike Dunleavy agrees to a 3-year, $14.4 million deal in order to stay with the Chicago Bulls

*Anthony Davis takes a 5-year, $145 million extension to remain with the New Orleans Pelicans

*Danny Green signs a 4-year, $45 million deal to stay with the San Antonio Spurs

Ah, to be a professional athlete…

Heated Topics: March 25th, 2015

This season has been anything but a walk in the park for the Miami Heat. After LeBron James announced that he was leaving South Beach and heading back to Cleveland, fans knew that there would be hard times ahead. But between the back-and-forth shuffling of players to and from the D-League, seemingly weekly minor injuries, and the loss of Chris Bosh for the rest of the year…there did not seem to be a break in sight.

However, since the playoff push began, it has not been all bad. President Pat Riley pulled off the impossible once again, acquiring Goran Dragic right before the trade deadline. Michael Beasley made his way back to the Heat, determined to prove that the third time is a charm for him. And as things are now, Miami stands to make the offseason.

Here is the latest:

Heat lose to the Milwaukee Bucks after leading for most of the game.

Hassan Whiteside injures his hand on a play, may be out for a couple of games.

Dwyane Wade receives Player of the Week.

Michael Beasley is playing like his life depends on it.

Miami will take on the Boston Celtics, Wednesday night at 6:30 p.m.

Heated Topics: December 10th, 2014

Although they are fresh off of a loss against the Denver Nuggets, the Miami Heat continue their journey forward tomorrow night, in hopes of proving their naysayers wrong.

Here is the latest news:

Not all hope is lost for the Heat.

Josh McRoberts embraces “the weird.”

Rookie James Ennis is showing his worth.

Could Brook Lopez be a good fit for Miami?

Other trade options for the Heat include Lance Stephenson.

Dwyane Wade supports “I Can’t Breathe” shooting shirts

Chris Bosh is “okay” with losing to the San Antonio Spurs in last years’ Finals.

Heated Topics

As you may have noticed for the last couple of weeks, all has been quiet on the Bringing The Heat front. With free agency having officially started July 1 (and gossip beginning long before that), things in the NBA have gotten a bit hectic. Although some major moves have already taken place, for the most part, information currently circulating out there is hearsay at best. I will admit I am guilty of closely following the rumor mill myself, but am keeping it to Twitter until a piece of news has been confirmed. 

With that said, here is the latest:

LeBron James is set to meet with Miami Heat president Pat Riley, today in Las Vegas.

James and Dwyane Wade had dinner together in Vegas, biggest Wade news heard in a minute.

Chris Bosh has been offered a maximum, 4 year contract by the Houston Rockets.

Danny Granger has been signed to the Heat on a $4.2 million/2 year deal.

Josh McRoberts was signed to Miami on a $23 million/4 year deal.

The Heat could use Mario Chalmers, via a sign-and-trade, to clear space.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are doing everything in their power to get James back.

Ray Allen and Mike Miller are also on the Cavaliers’ mind.

Carmelo Anthony seems as though he is waiting on James’ decision, before making his own.

The Summer League has begun: here are the players to keep an eye on.

What does an NBA Free Agency contract, even look like?

Fingers crossed that something more than empty chatter happens over the next few days. Be sure to follow me on Twitter (@ChitownHeiress) and check out ESPN’s awesomely compiled NBA list to stay up to the date on all the latest as well.

Heated Topics

The 2014 NBA Draft is right around the corner, and who the Miami Heat go after may be an indication of what is expected to happen with the current lineup, come next season.

5 things to know about Miami’s offseason.

Draft may be a good way to replace Mario Chalmers.

Heat have several voids to fill before next season.

According to Pat Riley, 2013 draft pick James Ennis has a bright future.

Word on the street is Miami may trade its pick for Iman Shumbert.

Right now, Kyle Anderson would be best-case scenario on draft night.

Mock drafts are coming in steadily.

Stay tuned for more on this year’s draft as Thursday night approaches.

Heated Topics

As I spent Sunday evening with my family, celebrating the fact that I just earned my Master’s Degree, the Miami Heat faced the San Antonio Spurs in Game 5 of the 2014 NBA Finals. Unfortunately, by the end of the night, the Heat failed to have something of their own to celebrate, their dream of a three-peat fading in the distance.

Taking a 4-1 series lead over Miami on Sunday night, the Spurs became champions.

The grades are in for the Heat’s performance in Game 5.

LeBron James not to blame for series loss.

The Big Three as a unit left more to be desired during this series.

“Defense wins championships” cliche still holds true.

Despite their recent loss, the Heat are already favored to win next year’s championship.

San Antonio were playing like winners, way before the finals.

Manu Ginobili among those to thank for San Antonio’s road to success.

Spurs’ assistant coach Sean Marks unsure of his future.

Heated Topics: Game 3

The Miami Heat currently lead the Eastern Conference Finals series, 2-1, but it was not smooth sailing getting here. In fact, I was about ready to call it quits after the first half, sure that the Indiana Pacers had Game 3 in the bag. Clearly, I had forgotten how clutch Miami could be.

Being down 15 is no reason to panic for the Heat.

There was first half and second half basketball played.

Paul George and Lance Stephenson were no match for LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.

Adjustments and modifications are the name of the game.

The fourth quarter belonged to Miami.

The Heat may finally be figuring things out.

There is no time like the present for the Heat.

The playoffs are certainly a good time to shift into high-gear.

If anyone knows how to show emotion, it is James.

Game 4 is tonight, May 26 on ESPN at 7:30 p.m. CT.