Too Hot To Handle: Twitter Recap of Game 1 of the NBA Finals

The Miami Heat fell short to the San Antonio Spurs tonight, 110-95, in Game 1 of the NBA Finals. With a broken air-conditioner, LeBron James’ legs just could not take the rising temperature (which supposedly reached 90 degrees), and he ended up having to be carried off the court because of severe cramping. Check back soon for my Game 1 reaction. Game 2 is on Sunday, June 8 at 7 p.m. CT on ABC.

Eastern Conference Finals Game 4: Twitter Recap

The Miami Heat have finally left slow starts behind, playing a strong game for 48 minutes. They now lead the series 3-1 after defeating the Indiana Pacers tonight, 102-90.


Twitter Recap of Memphis Grizzlies/Oklahoma City Thunder Game 7

Although the Miami Heat have officially swept the Charlotte Bobcats 4-0, there are still a number of first round playoff games taking place. The Memphis Grizzlies/Oklahoma City Thunder series is currently tied at 3-3, making Saturday night’s matchup the last of the postseason for one of these Western contenders.

With a victory, @memgrizz would be the 1st 7-seed to win a #Game7 — (@nbastats) May 3, 2014






Kevin Durant winning MVP seems nearly official…thoughts? Probably no surprise that my vote is/was with LeBron #MemOKC7 — Allana Tachauer (@ChitownHeiress) May 4, 2014

Game 4 Live Updates

The Miami Heat look for a 4-0 sweep tonight against the Charlotte Bobcats.